Constellation Model 10"

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Re: Constellation Model 10"

Postby DarkenSeyreth » Fri Aug 22, 2014 10:40 am

[quote="RS_Wraith"]my thing would be if it were a kit that I could build. Especially if it were scaled, then I would have no will power. With being already assembled and painted I am intrigued but less apt to get them all. It would be nice if one of the good kit companies (at the very least Tamiya, but a museum kit would be awesome) were to pic a scale like 1:350 for the capitol ships and 1:48 for the other ships and make scaled detail kits[/quote]
This would be very cool. I have been out of the model making game for many years, but this would bring me back in. Unfortunately I think we would be too much of a niche market, but maybe submit the idea to CSS and they might look into it.

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