Forum Update 12/20/2012

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Forum Update 12/20/2012

Postby Corran Horn » Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:50 am

Some of you may have noticed an influx of spammers and bots creeping into the forums. CCC_Dober and Wormfood have done an excellent job in keeping their posts cleaned off the threads (Thanks guys!), but enough was enough and I've taken a few steps to help enforce better protection for the forums. It's better to tackle these things early on, rather than deal with them and have them accumulate. Moderators now have the ability to report or permanently ban accounts that we've identified as spam bots.

Some accounts are generic and non-malicious, like the google-bot or other basic search engine bots. In fact, those accounts come hard-coded into PHPBB, and allow the search engines to cache any public posts (ie - forum areas not limited by member or group status), which can help direct traffic to the site, including potential new members. Those accounts will still be around, but new ones like opuzfekiwo "uzubvesug, eximejafexi, ohagarekimur" and other such nonsense are getting nuked. I've eliminated about a dozen accounts today in the enforcement of this.

In turn, I've also upgraded the spambot protection system. We are now using the google ReCaptcha service for forum registration, which will cut down on a lot of spambot registrations.

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