Site Update 12/5/2012

Maintenance notes and updates about progressive development on the website.
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Site Update 12/5/2012

Postby Corran Horn » Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:02 pm

•Graphics redesign on the primary page to keep with the ongoing theme for transparencies.
•New "About Us" page has been uploaded to the site, and some wall-o'-text stuff removed from the main front page and integrated with the about page.
•Member groups for Rogue members correctly set up now, users are all "Rogue" pilot group and rank status. Further groups and ranks will be assigned closer to SC launch or cooperative testing.
•Proper Recruitment page is in design now, with an interactive form to make membership application an easy process. Current members are grandfathered in from the original recruitment drive and therefor do not need to fill it out.

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