VOIP Service - TS3 Renewal vs Discord Server

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After testing Discord, which VOIP Service would you like RSQ to use?

Poll ended at Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:40 am

Discord - user friendly and free.
TeamSpeak 3, expensive but reliable and familiar.
Ventrillo - it's also pretty popular.
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Lets look into another option (in the comments please).
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VOIP Service - TS3 Renewal vs Discord Server

Postby Corran Horn » Sun Feb 21, 2016 4:40 am

As mentioned in the Public Mess Hall VOIP post, the TS3 Server will be going offline tomorrow afternoon because our two year license expires tomorrow. This is a good opportunity to test out an alternative service which is gaining a lot of popularity and traction in the gaming community - Discord. It's a VOIP service created by a gaming company (Hammer & Chisel) who is also behind a popular MOBA title. A few of our members and other gamers I have spoken to have recommended it, so I think it's only fair that we give it a test run.

For the next week or two, please use Discord instead of our normal TS3 server (since it'll be offline anyway). Link and details are below. If you try Discord and decide you want to go back to TS3, vote and drop a note in reply to this thread. I'll re-activate TS3 this next weekend or the week after if it has a majority favor. If we do that, I'll provide a link for anyone who wants to contribute to the renewal fees ($189/2yr unless our discount expires).

I've created an official Rogue Squadron Discord server for us. Discord is a very nice looking text/voice chat app and boasts the same voice quality as TS3 (they both use Opus codec). It also offers modern text chat with drag and drop picture sharing in the text chat (registered members with the desktop or mobile app). It's very much as if TS3 was given a SMS/FB Messenger style text app, and a revitalized/cleaner user interface. I recommend downloading the app and creating a registered account (free, takes 1 minute) then connecting to our new server. Clicking the following link will open a new tab in your browser telling you that you've been invited to join the Rogue Squadron Discord server. It will also ask if you want to open it in your browser (no Discord app required) or register an account and download the application (I recommend this).

(permanent invite link - members can also create invite links to share, which are only valid for 24 hours.)

Took me about half an hour to set it up and outline some basic voice channels, configure some of the base options, and set up moderator and admin roles, but no other users are set up yet since nobody else has been online yet. That's more or less it, was pretty straightforward and simple. I like the approach Discord has with user-friendliness. I have noticed one downside I'm not very fond of, though - no password protection anywhere (role based permissions instead).

You will need to create a registered Discord account to take part in any of the text chat channels or to have the server "remember" you (why I recommended this), but voice channels are open to anyone who joins the server. Discord has a way around this with a Roles system (I can set it up so that only our member groups have Talk/Listen privileges in the non-lobby channels), but a moderator/admin will need to assign a role to everyone who logs in who is a member of RSQ. I think that if you connect with a registered account, the server will remember you as a member, and that an Admin/Mod can modify your permissions even if you're offline. So you don't necessarily have to log on when one of us is online, we can change it for you and you'll see the update next time you log in. Since there is no password protection on the server itself, a lot of users on the discord forums complain about bots/crawlers hopping into servers often. We might see the same thing, but can ban them as we see them, and rest easy knowing that even if they join a channel they aren't supposed to, they can't talk or hear anything.

Test out Discord for a while. If you guys like it, we'll keep it. If not, we'll go back to TS3 or try something else. Cast your vote!

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